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The White Feminist's Guide to Sex and Hip Hop

Written and Performed by Roxane Bourges
Produced by Lexi Clare Productions
Video Design: Emily Aboud
Theatre N16 in Balham
October 2017
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London Pub Theatres

“Bourges starts strong and funny as she removes her make-shift foil grill and throws it casually into the audience. Bourges is instantly likeable and fearless, and committed in her exploration of all things hip hop and sex. And the repeated use of other people’s lyrics and her scolding of herself for using other people’s words is endearing and a brilliantly comic motif throughout the show."


Planet Nation

“Roxy's inner hip hop artist definitely is her strength and for a debut performance it was inspiringly honest and inspiring, and very well written. Well worth catching."


A Younger Theatre

“First up is Roxane Bourges’s The White Feminist Guide to Sex and Hip Hop. This apologetic ode to her favourite music genre, and discussion of what that says about her as a feminist, may seem niche, but in fact it’s a broad conversation. Intersecting her raps are musings on her whiteness, and her bisexuality, as well as sexual desire itself. Delivered with confidence, it’s thought-provoking and wonderfully self-aware. Bourges’s rapping, twerking, and emotive poetry entice both uncontrollable laughter and later engaged furrowed brows from the audience. The tongue-in-cheek, pre-recorded video shot outside Buckingham Palace as Bourges’s mimes Beyoncé’s Flawless is the unexpected pinnacle."

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