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The Pillowman

by Martin McDonagh
Design: Danya Bradley-Barnes
Lighting Design: Ethan Roos
Sound Design: Alex Greenwald
Bedlam Theatre
February 2016
(sold out run)
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“Pillowman is to dark comedy what heroin is to vapor rub. Martin McDonagh’s tale of bloody flesh and fairytales is dark, dirty and sometimes barefacedly brutal – and in the hands of director Emily Aboud, often stingingly clever as well."


All Edinburgh Theatre

“Such ambition seems to define director Emily Aboud’s approach here, and is certainly praiseworthy."


The Student

“The minimal yet surprisingly multi-faceted set allowed for a great deal of light experimentation. This was utilised in the reenactments of Katurian’s stories, which featured the father, played by Saul Garrett, the mother, played by Sasha Briggs, and the child, played by Sian Davies. Coloured lighting, projected words and sound clips were used throughout to achieve the sinister effect."

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