Produced by Grace Dickson

Sound Design by Fizz Margererson

Lighting Design by Elissa Webb


By Emily Aboud

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019

Vault Festival 2020

Edinburgh Fringe Cast: Natasha Brown, Sanaa Byfield and Charlotte Dowding

Vault Festival Cast: Charlotte Dowding, Alice Vilanculo and Chanté Faucher

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"Hilarious and thoughtful... outstanding" 

The List

"A show that harnesses the subversive anarchic traditions of carnival to consider the influence of British colonialism and the legacy of homophobia that endures" 

Lyn Gardner for Stagedoor


"Divine... electrifying and hilarious. A must see for those who care about LGBTQ+ rights around the world and who believe change is possible" 

To Do List


"A sparkling cabaret about the experience of queer Caribbean women that will tickle your sides as much as it will touch your heart" 

The Skinny


"Positive, powerful... feels like something you would watch on BBC3, after hearing all your friends talk about it" 

Broadway World