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By Matt Hartley
Director: Lisa Spirling
Design: Polly Sullivan
Lighting: Johanna Town
Sound: Richard Hammerton
Movement: John Ross
Hampstead Theatre Downstairs 
May-June 2016
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The Stage

“It's remarkable how much Hartley has packed into a lightning-quick 90 minutes. His play is a test tube, delectably colliding the personal and the political, then chucking in glances at class privilege, a sprinkling of sitcom laughs and a hefty emotional clout, too. And money is always an issue on Polly Sullivan's open-plan set; the floor is a mosaic of pennies and the walls are lined with jars of change."


Culture Whisper

“While the flat is no palace, it does boasts views of the Shard – well, that is if you look 'just a little to the right, there you can just about see the top of it'. For the foursome the leaking, mold-infested dwelling becomes home. Time passes, eloquently exaggerated through director Lisa Spirling's slick choreography. And as furniture moves around the stage, key moments of their year are played out. The foursome go from partying all night to increasingly getting under each other's skin."

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