Child of the Divide

By Sudha Bhuchar
Director: Jim Pope
Designer: Sue Mayes
Lighting: Peter Harrison
Composer/Sound: Arun Ghosh
Movement: John Ross
Polka Theatre, Tara Arts & National Tour 
October-November 2017


The Stage

“Jim Popes’ direction and staging is both fluid and fluent, capturing the passing of time without losing any of the drama. In turn, Sue Mayes’ cartographic set design is a constant reminder of the physical divide that altered the course of so many lives."


Culture Whisper

“Child of the Divide explores the personal effects of the Partition of India through intimate stories. Pali and his neighbourhood friends soon realise that they’re similarly suffering from an identity crisis brought on by the surrounding political upheaval. Friendships snap, and are subsequently rebuilt, as the children discover that the boundaries drawn in the dust are arbitrary."